Resilience and Growth

Last December, I wrote an end of year message that looked at how much our lives had changed over the preceding decade. I believe my final line was “maybe what’s to come is beyond our comprehension at the end of 2019”, it certainly was.

The human and economic toll of the extraordinary year that was 2020, will be felt globally for many years to come. Recovery will not be overnight; businesses should prepare to experience a bumpy road to recovery as the virus continues to grip overseas nations, and the impact of mass vaccination is unknown as yet.

Small businesses have been placed under immense pressure this year. Supply chains have been disrupted, lockdowns imposed, and consumer behaviour has changed, altering the way we live and work.

Businesses have survived through their own tenacity, resilience and inventiveness. Now though, we must look beyond surviving, we must plan for the year ahead and find ways not only to safeguard our business but to grow.


How did you handle the challenges of 2020; Where did you succeed? Where did you fail? Look objectively at your business, work on the most profitable areas aiming to keep costs down while remaining agile and ready to act on opportunities as they arise.


We can expect to see the trend towards digitisation continue. Review your digital strategy and ensure that your customers can access your products / team online and that your business can engage successfully in the online space. 


With billions of dollars being ploughed into the economy from stimulus spending and large scale civil and infrastructure investment aimed at rebuilding the economy, businesses should look for opportunities to tender.


Government and State support packages are not long-term propositions and the goal for any business is financial security – the key to which is good cash flow. Businesses should review and ensure that their finance partner complements their business needs. 

A year is a comparatively short period of time and the events of this year have been unprecedented, with almost no one left untouched. Our resilience and spirit as a community is what strikes me most. We have met the challenges at hand through reinventing, regenerating and being vigilant. We are now in a unique and very fortunate position that we can exist relatively normally and look forward to the holiday period with family and friends.

A huge thank you to my team at Apricity for the strength and adaptability that they have shown throughout this year. And as the state borders re-open I’m looking forward to catching up with our clients face to face over the next few months.

We have a lot to be thankful for. Onwards.

Linden Toll 

CEO, Apricity Finance