We are champions of small business

Our team understands the challenges of running a business and how positive cash flow and flexible thinking can help businesses not only meet their financial obligations, but plan for growth.

At Apricity we describe ourselves as boutique, both in the specialist nature of our product as well as our highly personalised approach. We work closely with clients to ensure that our model is right for their business, fostering strong, long-lasting relationships as we get to know more about them and their industry. Clients always have access to our decision makers as well as a dedicated relationship manager who understands their individual needs.

Our funding capital is accessed from a range of sources including global and domestic institutional funds, as well as private high net worth investors. The diversity of our investor pool provides surety and ensures our model is not influenced by one large funder.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness, striving to provide an alternative funding solution to SMEs that supports and enables the growth of their business.

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