Alex Russell

Business Development Manager

Alex is a NZ Qualified Financial Adviser and has been specialising in the FMCG market over the last year. He is entrepreneurial by nature and works closely with his customers to find solutions to possible hurdles. While in the process of building a tiny home with his partner, Alex has come across difficulties with supply chain issues, rising building costs and other SME pain points first hand.

Forward-thinking, entrepreneurial by nature and not one to spend his time doing nothing, Alex has written and completed three Young Fantasy novels and continues to work towards publishing them.

A passion for regular exercise sees him snowboarding, biking, hiking, paddle boarding or kayaking most weekends.

He also has a keen interest in languages and is proficient in English and German, whilst currently studying Spanish & Polish.

If you could invite five people to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would they be?

I would prefer to invite them alive as it would be an awfully quiet dinner if they were dead but my invitations would go to Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley (Florida Georgia Line duo), Justin Timberlake, Ricky Gervais and Joe Rogan.

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

I would take a Desalination Machine (filters salt water to make it drinkable), A Knife and a Flint tool.

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

Favourite holiday destination is Portugal because it is absolutely beautiful, locals are super friendly and it's a cheap place to travel.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Networks are the most important part of your career. It's who you know not what you know.

If money was no object, what would you do all day?

Play golf.