Apricity delivers flexibility and good cashflow to contract business

Our business specialises in project management, labour hire, engineering as well as commissioning/close out of major projects in the heavy industry sector.  As a smaller supplier to some very large players we quickly found ourselves in the backbreaking position of having a labour force and equipment in place for a project, but then waiting anywhere between forty-five days to two and a half months for our invoices to be paid.

As self-starters with years of experience in project management and labour hire, we were well aware that maintaining good cash flow would be the key to our success.  We began a review of funding options.  Initially, we were put off by the extensive fees, limits, contracts and rigidity offered by our bank and other financiers.  We chose Apricity Finance because they offer one flexible product that we can use as and when we need to.

Since we began our relationship with Apricity Finance, our business has grown significantly.  We have the peace of mind delivered through good cashflow and a stable business environment.   We now have the ability to run two or three large-scale projects concurrently and despite carrying significant expenses (including a workforce of hundreds of employees) we are confident that all our obligations will be met.  This kind of control and flexibility is paramount to a contract business like ours.

Apricity Finance offers a very efficient process; turnaround and approvals are quick, and we have a great relationship with the team.

Owner & Director, NSW Contract Business 

If you would like to know more about how Apricity invoice finance is different from other facilities, please read here.