Apricity helps Civil Construction client stress less and plan ahead

We are a Melbourne based civil construction company, delivering large scale projects across multiple sectors including transport, rail, road, water and landscaping. We handle all aspects of the project from earthworks and construction to hiring and training workers and machinery.

For a business like ours, the challenge has always been cash flow. Often, we are waiting for projects payments to come in while under pressure to pay our workers and their entitlements.  The juggling act had us feeling a constant level of stress and we began to look for ways we could better manage our cash flow and sustain our business.

We set up an invoice finance facility with Apricity Finance, which gave us access to the funds from our invoices as soon as we issued them. This meant that we were able to meet our employee obligations and other upfront costs – as well plan ahead.

With our stress levels reduced (both at work and at home) we were able to begin our business expansion plans, with the confidence that steady cash flow brings. There are some big opportunities arising in our market and it’s great to know we have the capacity to take on the challenge.

We have a great ongoing relationship with Apricity. Our dedicated BDM has been wonderful to deal with, and the close-knit team has us feeling like a valued part of the family.

Director, VIC based Civil Construction Company 


If you would like to know more about how Apricity invoice finance is different from other facilities, please read here.