Apricity News + your chance to win a $250 Qantas Voucher

Apricity News + your chance to win a $250 Qantas Voucher

Why is it that in Australia, we seem to be continually let down by the leaders in the economy, politics and more recently – our sporting teams?  Without getting in to Ball-Tampering-Gate, I do think that as a nation, it’s important to admit when the system isn’t working.  And there is no clearer evidence of a system failing than when the people it is designed for it to serve turn against it.

The Banking Royal Commission, now in full swing, is a clear example of this.  Many were skeptical that the terms of reference of the Commission were too narrow and self-serving of the banks.  We have seen however that this is not the case, with so many stories of loss at the hands of the bank emerging.  Whether it’s incompetence or greed that has caused these issues, one thing remains clear; The consumer is best served by having a range of choices and free access to information about how those choices may impact their current and future financial position.

With this in mind, we have recently developed this piece that looks at access to capital for small business. I was inspired by a recent RBA speech on this matter that stated that access to cashflow finance for small business is getting harder and harder.

Overdrafts are a common form of this capital – but they are certainly not without their limitations of risks.

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Accounting and Business Expo

Apricity recently had a stand at the hugely popular Accounting and Business Expo in Sydney.   The Expo was extremely well attended by representatives across the finance industry – from brokers, accountants and CFOs.

We ran a card drop competition to win a beautiful bottle of 2008 Penfolds RWT.  The lucky winner was Gabi Buckley, from Combined Accounting Plus in Burleigh Heads, Qld.

lucky winner

But don’t despair, you haven’t missed out.   We are running another competition, so still you have another chance to win with us.

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On behalf of the team at Apricity, I would like wish you, your families and work colleagues a safe and happy Easter.

Linden Toll
CEO, Apricity Finance