Apricity Finance underpins business growth for mining services client

We are a NSW based multi-disciplined engineering, construction and mining services company. When we started out, we had one very substantial client that formed the backbone of our business.  However, over the last few years we have expanded our reach to include large-scale civil works and infrastructure projects across the State.

Issues began to arise after a couple of years. We found ourselves growing at such a rate that we were starting to stall. We were unable to take on a significant piece of business because we did not have the finance in place to support this sizeable contract. Our existing financier simply did not have the capacity to meet our needs and we were looking at contracting for the first time since the business began.

We reviewed a variety of invoice finance products before beginning our relationship with Apricity – none of whom were able to offer invoice finance at the scale we required. Apricity Finance is an ideal solution for a business’s working with Blue Chip clients. For us, having the facility in place has meant that we can not only function and deliver, but also continue on our strong growth trajectory.

Founder & CEO, Mining Services Business

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