Broker insights series – Dermot Stranix

More than ever before we are seeing clients use a broker for guidance and advice when navigating their way to the right finance solution for their business.
There is a wealth of knowledge to be drawn from the broker network and we have conducted a few short interviews to gain more insight into the current market.

Dermot Stranix – Glass Financial

Please tell us about the nature of your business?

We are a finance brokering business, finding debt solutions for a range of Private and Commercial clients.  My role focusses primarily on the Commercial side, where I feel I can add a lot of value by helping our clients in finding the right funding option for theirbusiness.

What are the biggest issues your clients are facing in the current climate?

Business owners today have many more funding alternatives than in previous years. There is little consistency in standards, terms and delivery. With little time to compare, assess and make informed choices it is difficult for business owners to navigate their way to the right choice for their own strategic needs.  This is where a reliable broker can really help.

What changes have you seen in the lending landscape over the last two years?

We are finding that solutions to funding needs are increasingly being met outside of the major banks. There is now a depth of choicein product and industry specific funders.

How do you see this changing in the next two years?

I think we will see a big shift in the market – away from the major banks to new, more agile players who are able to offer clients more flexibility.  We will also see the market become better educated about their options and seek out a better deal.

What problems has Apricity solved for your clients?

Apricity offers a better targeted solution for many of our clients.  They can extend up to 95% of approved invoices within 24 hours, which is a great model that suits a market requiring flexibility.  Apricity is a true enabler in the marketplace, allowing clients to grow and seek out big contracts – even being involved at tendering phase.  The process with Apricity is simple – there are no contracts, communication is clear and decision making is fast.

What do you like most about Apricity?

I feel there is a lot of added value of dealing with real people.  At Apricity you talk to the decision makers and the process is simple and transparent – the ‘straight up’ way they deal with us is the way the deal with our clients.