Broker insights series – Max Stuart

Max Stuart
Business Partner, Finance New Zealand Ltd


Max Stuart

Please tell us about the nature of your business?

Finance New Zealand provides finance solutions to companies and individuals throughout the country.  We have access to third party funding partners which means we can offer a broad range of finance solutions.

What are the biggest issues your clients are facing in the current climate?

Our clients are usually very successful in their line of work but can struggle identifying the pain points in their business (usually cash flow complications).

How has this changed in the last two years?

In the past, our clients view was that they should do business with only one bank.  This way of thinking was primarily due loyalty, as well at there being fewer finance options available in the market.

How do you see this changing in the next two years?

Times are changing, and our clients are now realising that if they want to succeed and keep their competitive edge, they need specialist advice and more options in the different aspects of their business; be it working capital, term loans or even insurance premium funding.

What do you like most about Apricity?

Apricity is one of our funding partners, they offer a quality invoice finance solution that enables clients to maximise their cashflow potential. For clients who have extended terms and a quality debtor books, Apricity enables them to receive the payment upfront and hassle free, which in my opinion is a great option.  The team at Apricity are easy to deal with and they have an extensive knowledge of the finance industry.