Broker insights series – Shane Nipperess

More than ever before we are seeing clients use a broker for guidance and advice, when navigating their way to the right finance solution for their business.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be drawn from the broker network and we have conducted a few short interviews to gain more insight into the current market.

Shane Nipperess - Centerpoint Finance 
Shane Nipperess – Centerpoint Finance 

Please tell us about the nature of your business?

We are a full-service finance brokerage business finding solutions for both our clients business and personal needs.  There are three areas to the business:

  • Finance solutions
  • Financial planning (incl. super, risks insurance, investments)
  • Consultancy services (incl. business planning, cash flow budgets, monitoring profitability, general business guidance & asset protection)

What are the biggest issues your clients are facing in the current climate?

For our small business clients – obtaining credit and funding growth are the main issues.  For example, finding the working capital to fund expansion or purchase assets.

How has this changed in the last two years?

We are seeing our clients coming out of a down phase (where much of our work was around helping them hang on to what they had).  For example, re-financing rather than looking at expansion or growth.  Now though, we are experiencing an upswing in the market, and we are busy working with our clients to find solutions around funding and sourcing finance for expansion.

How do you see this changing in the next two years?

The mining industry is very much a business generator in Central QLD and is largely responsible for much of the upswing we are seeing.  We expect this to continue over the next two years and our role will be to help businesses prosper off the back of this.

What problems has Apricity solved for your clients?

A recent example is a new Partnership encompassing three clients starting a new business.   They were successful in tendering for (and winning) a large project that included a major overhaul requiring a significant labour force.  The issue was that as a new entity the Partners were unable to obtain funding to get the project off the ground – plus they didn’t have any security to use.  Apricity was able to come in and quickly assess the financial situation and put in place a solution of invoice financing to get the project off the ground.

What do you like most about Apricity?

The key reasons we use Apricity are around flexibility; there are no lock-in contracts, the client can choose which invoices they would like funded.  As well as this, clients can borrow up to 95% and there are no minimum monthly fees. The team at Apricity are easy to deal with and keep us well informed and advised throughout.