Broker insights series – Steve Esdale

More than ever before we are seeing clients use a broker for guidance and advice when navigating their way to the right finance solution for their business.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be drawn from the broker network and we have conducted a few short interviews to gain more insight into the current market.

 Steve Esdale – Esdale Sinclair

Please tell us about the nature of your business?

Our core business is providing Plant & Equipment finance for SME’s, plus we have a team of Specialist Agribusiness and Commercial/Consumer Loan consultants.

What are the biggest issues your clients are facing in the current climate?

Currently the biggest issues our clients have is the tightening of credit standards by the banks.  One example of this is the requirement to provide Tax Portals and confirmation that ALL taxes and statutory payments are up to date (if not, even with an arrangement in place with the ATO, the banks are reluctant to lend even for equipment finance).

How do you see this changing in the next two years?

Following the Banking Royal Commission we are seeing more regulation coming into the industry and a more stringent credit policy by the banks (particularly the Big Four).  We see this as a good opportunity for us as Brokers to provide alternative finance solutions that offer more flexibility for our clients.

What problems has Apricity solved for your clients?

We have provided a number of alternative finance solutions for our clients with Apricity providing the working capital to assist them with business growth.  Here are two examples:

  1. Apricity provided invoice finance, which allowed our client to free up capital and clear an ATO debt. This then meant the client could meet the Bank’s policy guidelines – and had their loan approved.
  2. Apricity provided working capital to assist mobilisation and enabled a client to win and complete a large Government contract (something the client would not otherwise have been able to do after their Bank had declined to assist).

What do you like most about Apricity?

Apricity has always demonstrated a flexible approach in our dealings.  They will look at things differently than some other providers.  Apricity has no lock in contracts and allows our clients to choose which debtors/invoices they wish to fund.  Most of all we are able to talk to the decision makers and get things done.