5 Minutes With… Nathan DeCelis

Nathan DeCelis  Marketing Coordinator Nathan started with Apricity in 2022. With a huge passion for NRL and cricket, Nathan is an integral member of the Apricity family and marketing department.    The nickname people know me for… I’ve never really had a widely known nickname, but a lot of people have likened my appearance to […]

Inflation challenges rise – worry about the macro but focus on the micro

Sometimes you need to step back, take a deep breath to separate the wood from the trees.The economic environment has changed massively. The changes are not just cyclical or temporary as the economy moves up and down. And changes cover both economic and social aspects. Businesses need to adapt to both near-term shifts, but deeper […]

5 Minutes With… Mae-Ann Salvilla

MAE-ANN SALVILLA  Financial Accountant Mae-Ann started with Apricity in 2021. With a huge passion for all things music, Mae is an integral member of the Apricity family keeping a close eye on the company’s finances. THE NICKNAME PEOPLE KNOW ME FOR… My family and friends call me Menggay or Meng. IN A NUTSHELL, MY JOB […]

The economic cycle has turned and the piper needs to be paid.

Warren Buffet once commented that when the tide goes out, you find out who has been swimming naked. Skinny-dipping has been rampant. The economic cycle has turned and the piper needs to be paid. Inflation is rampant. Taming inflation is not growth (think business revenue), margin, or asset price friendly. Night follows day just as […]

5 Minutes With… Daisy Batty

DAISY BATTY Marketing Executive Daisy started with Apricity in 2021 through her networking links. She is in her final year at Western Sydney University where she is studying a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing. Daisy has previously worked in hospitality, and travel and tourism, gaining valuable customer service and sales experience. She enjoys […]

How far will central banks be prepared, or need to go, to tame inflation?

Businesses should be mindful that central banks are now on the warpath against inflation with the rhetoric and expectations towards higher interest rates ramping up.  Businesses need to be thinking about what it means for them as the economy moves from the boom into reset mode.  Many business people have not seen the destructive impact […]

The Rise of Non-Banks and Boutique Solutions

The housing market has traditionally been a key funding source for businesses and also entrepreneurs looking to have a crack at an investment.  The balance sheet was leaned on.  Clever business bankers dressed up business loans in housing attire.  Those days look to be ending, one reason being the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act […]

5 Minutes With… Andrew Collins

ANDREW COLLINS Head of Sales and Relationships, QLD & NT Joining the team in 2019, Andrew was an English junior football prodigy and was signed by Fulham aged 14, but was found to be not good enough by age 16. His career in the finance industry began with JP Morgan, where he progressed from a […]

Stop Banking On The House

The credit environment has significantly tightened, especially in the housing arena, and of course this has flow-on implications for businesses reliant on lending secured by residential property.  The house has been the implicit financing vehicle for many businesses.  Tighter access to credit could make 2022 a crunch year for undercapitalised small-medium sized businesses that have […]