Diversified Construction and Engineering Firm, Victoria

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For over 40 years, our business has provided a wide range of civil infrastructure services for roads, rail, water, waste management and many other areas.

In the past, we have often felt let down and unheard by the big banks, so were very keen to look into other avenues with independent finance providers. We also had experience with factoring, however that left us feeling very disappointed. The position we were in meant being locked into a very inflexible contract with lots of our property tied up in security, plus, they couldn’t process progress claims. Overall, the service delivered left a lot to be desired, didn’t meet expectations and left us feeling like all they were doing was grabbing fees.  

We just wanted a simple solution to our cash flow issues. Moving forward, we are so glad that we made the change to Apricity Finance. The team has delivered on everything they promised.  There is a very simple fee structure, and the facility provides us with the flexibility we need.  

Best of all, the team has gone out of their way to understand our business, build a relationship and provide a solution that actually works. They give us the flexibility we need and are really helping our business grow.

We would – and do – recommend Apricity Finance to anyone considering invoice finance.

Founder & CEO, Construction and Engineering Firm

To find out more about how Apricity Finance is different from the others and help your business, please read here.


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