Cash Flow Solutions

Is Apricity right for me?

If you’re a successful small to medium-sized business with high credit quality customers, our invoice finance solution may be just what you’ve been looking for. Find out more.


Does your company supply to Government, ASX listed companies, Major hotel chains or health providers or other high credit customers?

Do your customers pay their invoices on terms of 14 days or longer?

Do you want to get your invoices paid faster?

Do you want the choice of which invoices you want paid by and when?

Do you want a no lock-in contract that does not interfere with your banking relationships?


If you answered yes to these questions, Invoice financing may be just what your business is looking for. Have an Apricity team member contact you

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If no, our invoice finance solution is only available to companies who supply high credit quality customers. Still unsure? Have an Apricity team member contact you

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“As a business, we don’t like to have a lot of debt on our balance sheet, and Apricity provides a great way around this. Their product means they are on call when and if we need them… By bringing our invoice payments forward, we can smooth out our cash flows when it suits us to do so. Apricity takes out the challenge of cash flow during our peak periods. It’s a great financial resource for us to draw on when we need to.”



“We have seen a 500% growth in trades labour (since we started using Apricity) and it’s still growing. We have had a number of new clients come on board because they know we can provide the quality labour they need. I would 100% recommend Apricity to other businesses in our position, and I have done so on a number of occasions. We recommend Apricity in the strongest possible terms. They are professional, their responses rapid as you correspond with the decision makers. It has been a godsend to us and continues to be.”




“We were already using another invoice finance facility, but we decided to switch to Apricity. Apricity terms were a lot more appealing. We very much liked the flexibility as it solved a lot of problems for us. Also, the reports we receive from Apricity are easier to read and the whole process is far more straightforward than our previous provider.
Overall, we are very glad we switched and I would not hesitate to recommend Apricity to other businesses.



“Cash flow is critical for us to be able to pay our creditors and our wages. In our business, we can make a big upfront payment and then not get paid ourselves for months.…We just wouldn’t be able to exist without Apricity. It allows us to pay our creditors and our wages on time – it takes the lumpiness out of our cash flow. The best thing about it is you don’t have to offer up your house as security. You’re not tied to it. It was a great decision for us. It allowed us to adapt to the market, and to continue on doing what we were doing.”



Take control of your cash flow and manage your growth. Our invoice finance specialists will listen to your challenges and check your eligibility so you can access the funds you need to reach your business potential.