Nick Chan

  • Head of Sales and Relationships NZ

Nick has a wealth of experience in Commercial Banking, having previously worked at ANZ, BNZ, and China Construction Bank.  He specialises in helping businesses structure working capital facilities that help them succeed and grow.

Nick’s experience extends across businesses of varying sizes, encompassing a range of industries.  Passionate about relationships and solutions driven, his key focus is getting to know clients and their business needs.

A proud Aucklander and family man, Nick is a father to two young children.  He is a stickler for detail but may consider an afternoon off to try an extreme sport or two.

What did you do before you joined our illustrious organisation?
My background is in Commercial banking with a specialised focus on working capital and cashflow requirements.
What’s the thing you love most about the job?
Getting out and about to meet new people and learn about privately owned businesses of all shapes and sizes. Then taking these learnings to put in place funding solutions that help their businesses achieve their goals and optimize growth opportunities.
Are you a sweet or savoury person?
Savoury for morning tea, sweet for afternoon!
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Grammatical errors. I can be a bit pedantic, but grammatical errors make things difficult to read and can be frustrating.
When are you happiest?
They say that “happy wife makes happy life” but I think that now definitely should be extended to include “happy kids” as well.


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