Family Owned Electrical and Air Conditioning Company

We are a family owned electrical and air conditioning company in the Mackay and Whitsunday region. Our biggest customer is a large mining firm, who pays on extended terms. While they are a great customer, this does create some cash flow strain on our business. Additionally, our business has been growing rapidly and we needed to employ more staff. This meant we needed to reassess our cash flow management, so we could ensure we could pay wages until the new staff started generating income.

We were already using another invoice finance facility, but we decided to switch to Apricity. Apricity terms were a lot more appealing. We very much liked the flexibility, as it solved a lot of problems for us. Also, the reports we receive from Apricity are easier to read and the whole process is far more straightforward than our previous provider.

Overall, we are very glad we switched and I would not hesitate to recommend Apricity to other businesses.

Owner & CEO
Electrical & air-conditioning business
North East Queensland