Invoice finance helps Queensland Labour Hire Business

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Only forming 18 months ago, our labour hire business operated out of Gladstone, Queensland. The business specialises in project management, labour hire, engineering as well as commissioning/close out of major projects for clients in the mining and heavy industry sectors.

As a small supplier to some very large players, we quickly found ourselves in the backbreaking position of having a labour force in place for a project, but then waiting anywhere between 45 days to 70 days for our invoices to be paid.

As self-starters with years of experience in project management and labour hire, we were well aware that maintaining cash flow would be key to our success.

A review of some of the funding options available for businesses like ours was undertaken, looking at both the offerings of the big banks as well as smaller finance companies. Quite honestly, we were put off by the extensive fees charged, the limits and rigidity of the options available, as well as needing to make an ongoing commitment to one finance company.

We spoke to a finance broker who suggested Apricity Finance for the simple fact that they offer one flexible product that we can use as, and when, we need to.

Since we began our relationship with Apricity Finance, we have been working in a much more stable business environment. We currently have our largest ever workforce (90 people) employed and can feel confident that they will all be paid on time – something that is paramount to a business like ours. We are also in the exciting position of being able to take on bigger contracts and diversify our offering.

We have a great relationship with the team at Apricity Finance, and even recommended them to an associate last week.

Founder & CEO, Labour Hire Business

To find out more about how Apricity Finance is different from the others and help your business, please read here.

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