How does Invoice Finance work?

A funding solution for business growth

Apricity Invoice Finance helps unlock your business potential by closing the gap between the time you invoice customers and when you receive payment.

It works like this

You supply your goods to your big business customers and invoice them

Decide if you want your invoice paid faster and upload it into our easy online portal

As soon as it is approved, Apricity pays you up to 95% of your invoice

The balance of the invoice (less our fees) will be paid when the invoice is settled

You enjoy the financial freedom that comes from invoice financing


Reliable finance and good cash flow are critical to the success of any business – fostering stability and powering business growth.

An Apricity Invoice Finance facility can deliver:

  • Better cash flow - with funds available on approval, get your money back into the business faster.
  • More flexibility - choose which invoices to fund, when and what percentage (within prescribed limits, up to 95%)
  • Business growth support - enjoy the peace of mind when taking on a new contract, that existing and new obligations can be met.
  • Better time/value of money - faster payments mean working capital is re-invested sooner, creating stability and larger returns ​​without taking on additional debt.

By giving access to 95% of approved invoices upfront, we help successful businesses grow and remove the stress of waiting for big customers to pay their bills.

What makes us different?

We believe cash flow is absolutely critical to business growth. We specialise in a single product, Selective Invoice Finance, a solution that was created to support the specific needs of SMEs, who supply goods or services to large business, organisations, or government.

Our model gives clients complete flexibility and control. Clients can choose which invoices to fund, when and what percentage (within prescribed limits). On approval, we advance the agreed percentage* of the face value of an invoice straight away, speeding up payment times and getting funds back into the business sooner. We remove the stress of waiting for big customers to pay their bills.

Selective Invoice Finance is a great solution for businesses looking for a more flexible finance solution that does not lock them into a contract, as well as being scalable as the business grows or used as a complement to existing finance. Another key difference between Selective Invoice Finance as opposed to Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting is that the ownership of the invoices remains with the business.

At Apricity we understand small business. We understand that businesses need flexibility and a stable platform from which to run their operations and plan for growth.

*Apricity finances up to 95% of approved invoices.

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