Nathan DeCelis

Marketing Coordinator

Nathan joined the team at Apricity in April 2022 and will shortly graduate from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). Covering the entire marketing mix and learning on the job whilst working closely with the wider team across Sales, Finance, Credit, and Support, Nathan is responsible for our New Zealand activity.

Nathan has previously worked in the hospitality industry where he gained valuable experience leading small teams plus mentored and trained new staff members.

When he’s not out and about with his wife and friends, Nathan loves watching his beloved Penrith Panthers play in the NRL and enjoys playing cricket on the weekends.

If you could invite five people to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would they be?

1. Marnus Labuschagne- The only person who can talk about cricket as much as I can.
2. Dave Chappelle- The Goat.
3. Robert Irwin- My doppelganger and the son of the great man himself.
4. Gordon Ramsay- We’d be eating like kings.
5. Elon Musk- It’s not a bad idea to make a friend like Elon Musk.

Three items I’d take to a desert island are:

A Swiss army knife, a portable air-conditioning unit, and a satellite phone.

Favourite holiday destination

I’ve never been there, but Japan is on my bucket list. I love the food!

The best piece of advice I’ve received is:

Don’t wait around and think too hard about things. Just put your best foot forward, give it a go, and figure out the rest later.

If money was no object

I would either start writing a highly subjective and biased sports column or eat at all of the finest restaurants I could find for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.