How David can work successfully with Goliath

New Zealand is often described as a nation of small businesses. We’ve all seen the statistics showing that 97% of NZ businesses have less than 20 employees.  With only 3% of businesses defined as large corporations, this bottom-heavy set up means smaller players can...

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SMEs sick of the bunch of bankers

When we started this business five years ago, we knew that banks were failing the SME community.  Just as we see today, I remember at the time seeing giant billboards around Sydney airport with bankers promising that they were on the side of small business.  That they...

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Cashflow Tips for the New Financial Year

Use an invoice finance facility – but choose wisely. Invoice finance allows businesses to get their money back into their business faster. When looking at the cost of invoice finance, it is important to remember that a dollar today is worth more than the dollar you...

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