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Leadership In A Crisis

We welcomed Andrew Mehrtens, Nathan Sharpe and Terry Lee to share their insights and expertise on leadership. The discussion covered:

  • What makes some people and businesses survive or even thrive in a crisis while others perish?
  • How can we prepare ourselves to lead our teams and families out of the pandemic?
  • What can we learn from the leaders of the past?
  • What can we learn from the sporting arena?
Winning Tenders and Government Contracts
The current focus on infrastructure and government spending is creating opportunities for businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Winning the tenders for these projects would mean a huge boost for any business.
But how do you ensure working on these contracts works for your business?  We look at the benefits, pitfalls and processes of working on large contracts. Plus, what you can do to ensure your tender stands out from the crowd.We are joined by ASBFEO Deputy Ombudsman Dr. Craig Latham and author Maurice Downing (Winning Government Tenders).

Managing Debt and Preparing For Recovery

While the recent Australian and New Zealand government stimulus measures and promised bank loans can help SMEs cope with the immediate impact of COVID-19, the issue now is how to create a long-term plan for business recovery. We welcomed David Webb, Rob Campbell and David King provide their time and expertise.