NZ Health & Safety business servicing large corporations

Like many new start-ups and small businesses, the main challenges we were experiencing were around cash flow and growth. We were spending money on developing systems and technologies to support and differentiate our business. However, this investment combined with marketing spend, as well as wages and running costs led to some cash flow issues.

We were introduced to Apricity Finance by a colleague and until that point we hadn’t been aware of the invoice financing model. At the time we had a number of opportunities to expand our business but accessing the finance to act on them was our main concern.

We quickly set up an invoice finance facility with Apricity Finance, which gave us access to the funds from our invoices straight away. This meant that we could improve our cash flow, meet our obligations as well as fund growth – without taking on debt.

We have a great relationship with Apricity Finance. The flexibility they offer, alongside their efficiency and the speed with which we can access funds, has been a real enabler for our business.

Founder & MD, Health and Safety Business NZ 

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