Opportunities for Growth in the Freight and Logistics Sector

The Australian freight and logistics sector, encompassing road, rail, sea, air transportation as well as supporting services such as warehousing and storage, has an estimated annual revenue of $102.87 billion. The sector is one of the only markets expected to grow as the country looks towards recovery from the Coronavirus recession. The freight and logistics sector […]

Small Business Counts report predicts a shake-up of the aging SME sector

According to a new report released at the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) Summit last week, 61% of employing small business owners are approaching retirement age.  This statistic coupled with the fact that the majority of small business owners are aged between 45 and 59 years could lead to a significant shake up […]

SMEs sick of the bunch of bankers

When we started this business five years ago, we knew that banks were failing the SME community.  Just as we see today, I remember at the time seeing giant billboards around Sydney airport with bankers promising that they were on the side of small business.  That they were their partner in growth.  Sadly, the reality […]

Concentration: The dominance of big companies in Australian Industries

“Australia has a competition problem – there is not enough of it. Our industries are concentrated. Anti-competitive conduct is rife. Our consumers are treated poorly”. Dr Andrew Leigh, MP We read with interest this article in the Sydney Morning Herald discussing a speech on competition and ‘concentration’ in the Australian market by Dr Andrew Leigh.  He suggests; it’s […]