Apricity helps Civil Construction client stress less and plan ahead

We are a Melbourne based civil construction company, delivering large scale projects across multiple sectors including transport, rail, road, water and landscaping. We handle all aspects of the project from earthworks and construction to hiring and training workers and machinery. For a business like ours, the challenge has always been cash flow. Often, we are […]

Avoiding A Christmas Cash Flow Nightmare

Aerial shot of hands typing on laptop in santa costume, with santa hat nearby

Can you believe the Christmas countdown is on?  Every year it seems to happen earlier.  And while thoughts for some turn to holidays, parties or end of year bonuses, for many small businesses the Christmas period can be a huge source of anxiety. For some businesses, particularly in the retail sector Christmas is the busiest […]

Why businesses no longer need to mix their business and personal finances

Traditionally, for SMEs looking to finance their business it was necessary to use a large chunk of personal collateral as security.  In many cases this linking of personal and business finances led not only to more stress, but sometimes, day to day concerns like waiting for invoices to be paid, could have a damaging effect […]

Survey Results: Fast Fintechs and Brokers

Fast Fintech lenders (meaning those that promise quick, online approval often without getting to understand the needs of the SME borrower) are now a large part of the lending landscape for SMEs and a welcome addition to an environment where it can be tough to obtain finance. However, the importance of getting advice from a […]

SME’s and mega projects – should your business be tendering?

The Australian Infrastructure Audit released last month predicts that Australia’s population will grow by 24 per cent reaching 31.4 million by 2034.  The outcome of this will be significant pressure on infrastructure, particularly in our largest cities. The 2019 Budget saw the Federal Government pledge to invest $100 billion over 10 years to manage the needs of […]

Market Insights – Adam Lysle, Veritas

Please tell us about the nature of your business? We advise businesses and lenders at various points in the lifecycle of their business, usually around a significant event.  For example, when considering a growth opportunity or next step, a customer changing terms or a key employee leaving the business.  We give advice to the business […]

Can changing your credit terms get money back into your business sooner?

Businesses today have a substantial amount of money sitting in their accounts receivables. Accessing that money and getting it into your business is no small task, with more than 40% of invoices paid late. We are well aware of the problems fluctuating cashflow can create in a business with a report earlier this year citing late […]

Small business owed $115 billion in late payments – XERO

New research from the global small business platform Xero and AlphaBeta Advisors reveals the significant impact that late payments have on small businesses in Australia. The research goes as far as putting a dollar value on the amount outstanding of $115 billion per year.  According to the research, half of all trade credit invoices are […]

Cashflow Tips for the New Financial Year

Use an invoice finance facility – but choose wisely. Invoice finance allows businesses to get their money back into their business faster. When looking at the cost of invoice finance, it is important to remember that a dollar today is worth more than the dollar you get tomorrow. By getting funds back faster, businesses can reinvest […]