Can Credit Cards help Small Business?

According to report in the Sydney Morning Herald today, Australians owe $45 billion on credit cards and are paying more than five billion dollars a year in interest.  Where does this kind of ‘debt trap’ leave small business? Accessing affordable funding is an ongoing issue for small business.  The RBA has previously reported that due to a lack of […]

Is the Royal Commission putting at risk our entrepreneurial culture?

We read with interest this recent article from James Morton of The Advisor.  James highlights some of the issues around small business lending emerging as the Royal Commission unfolds. Throughout the Inquiry, Banks and Brokers are being painted as villains, with small business being led to take on too much risk.  The unfortunate fallout from […]

Australia’s Kate Carnell fighting the good fight

We love Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell. At Apricity Finance, we believe that she speaks the truth and really understands the needs of small to medium businesses across the country. A recent article in SmartCompany quotes Ms Carnell’s warning that SMEs won’t be able to sell their businesses unless access to finance improves. […]

Seven Factors You Need To Consider When Obtaining Invoice Loans

Invoice loan

Invoice loans is a rising trend in Australian as businesses turn to new solutions to help improve cash flow while suffering longer invoice payment periods. As business loans go, invoice loans (sometimes called invoice finance or invoice factoring) can be a relatively low-risk way of ensuring that your company has the cash flow it needs to survive […]

Invoice Loans Versus An Overdraft: What Is The Right Choice?

Invoice Finance

No matter how successful a small, or even medium business is, dealing with cashflow is often a challenge. Businesses may be able to control their outgoings and win big contracts, but when invoices are being paid later and later, issues arise with maintaining regular cashflow. In order to keep employee wages paid and meet payment […]

What Is Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing

What is Invoice Financing? Nobody ever said that running a business was easy. There are endless challenges awaiting intrepid business owners as they embark on sustaining and growing their business towards the future. However, one unexpected obstacle that too often appears is that of cashflow. Even when businesses are working with and invoicing large, reputable […]

Cashflow finance – getting the facts straight

From Alan Hewitt For any business owner, cashflow dictates whether you live or die. Protecting it and maintaining control must be an absolute priority if your business is to flourish. But with customers setting their own terms as to when you receive payment, this can be difficult to do. There are a wide range of […]