Cash flow surety and a positive rating from the bank

Our business supplies skilled transport drivers to trucking companies. We operate throughout the North Island of New Zealand, providing casual as well as permanent drivers – often at short notice. The customers we work with are big players with large scale freight and distribution needs, and as a result our scope of work can regularly […]

2009 – 2019 A lot can change in a decade…

A decade ago, you couldn’t order an Uber on your phone or indulge in a Netfilx binge on your iPad.  You couldn’t swipe right to your dating future on Tinder or book a place to stay on Airbnb. As we head towards the end of the year and indeed the end of the decade, it […]

Why businesses no longer need to mix their business and personal finances

Traditionally, for SMEs looking to finance their business it was necessary to use a large chunk of personal collateral as security.  In many cases this linking of personal and business finances led not only to more stress, but sometimes, day to day concerns like waiting for invoices to be paid, could have a damaging effect […]

Landing the big fish – your guide to working with big business

The Australian Infrastructure Audit released last month predicts that Australia’s population will grow by 24 per cent reaching 31.4 million by 2034.  The outcome of this will be significant pressure on infrastructure, particularly in our largest cities. The 2019 Budget saw the Federal Government pledge to invest $100 billion over 10 years to manage the needs of […]

SME Mental Health

Mental health enables individuals to function well in life and at work. It is the foundation of wellbeing in both individuals and the community and is vital for success in the workplace.  People with good mental health will perform better at work and have increased capacity to cope with workplace stressors. The World Health Organisation, […]

Tradies cite slow paying customers and cashflow worries as top pain points.

According to new research from St George Bank, the top business concerns for tradies were identified as; being paid on time and profitability, followed by the ability to pay bills and manage their cashflow. The St.George Bank Tradie Economy Report released in July surveyed over 600 people across Australia who identified as a tradie.  Most respondents work in […]

BIZ WITTY – Accounting and Finance

Our Article ‘Six things you need to know about invoice finance’ was featured in Biz Witty this week. Read the article here. 6 Things You Need to Know About Invoice Finance  

Cashflow Tips for the New Financial Year

Use an invoice finance facility – but choose wisely. Invoice finance allows businesses to get their money back into their business faster. When looking at the cost of invoice finance, it is important to remember that a dollar today is worth more than the dollar you get tomorrow. By getting funds back faster, businesses can reinvest […]