Reducing long-term commitment to keep the economy running

As we head towards the end of 2020, a year that has changed the way we live, work and interact with each other, businesses across the globe have found that agility and adaptability has been the key to their survival.  New Zealand’s business landscape has seen many businesses adapt, and even thrive. Such success stories […]

Landing Big Contracts

Government contracts and large business tenders can offer lucrative business opportunities for small businesses. According to Infrastructure Australia’s 2020 Infrastructure Priority List, there is a record 147 nationally significant proposals with a project pipeline of almost $60 billion, designed to guide the next 15 years of Australian infrastructure investment. Although the major contracts for these large-scale projects […]

Where To Find Tenders And Government Contracts

Information on Tenders AusTender AusTender provides centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded. Visit Here Australian Tenders A subscription-based tender alert facility that covers all of Australia and New Zealand. Visit Here A portal for suppliers and buyers to advertise and find tender opportunities Australia and New Zealand. […]

Apricity helps Civil Construction client stress less and plan ahead

We are a Melbourne based civil construction company, delivering large scale projects across multiple sectors including transport, rail, road, water and landscaping. We handle all aspects of the project from earthworks and construction to hiring and training workers and machinery. For a business like ours, the challenge has always been cash flow. Often, we are […]

Landing the big fish – your guide to working with big business

The Australian Infrastructure Audit released last month predicts that Australia’s population will grow by 24 per cent reaching 31.4 million by 2034.  The outcome of this will be significant pressure on infrastructure, particularly in our largest cities. The 2019 Budget saw the Federal Government pledge to invest $100 billion over 10 years to manage the needs of […]

SME Mental Health

Mental health enables individuals to function well in life and at work. It is the foundation of wellbeing in both individuals and the community and is vital for success in the workplace.  People with good mental health will perform better at work and have increased capacity to cope with workplace stressors. The World Health Organisation, […]

Market Insights – Adam Lysle, Veritas

Please tell us about the nature of your business? We advise businesses and lenders at various points in the lifecycle of their business, usually around a significant event.  For example, when considering a growth opportunity or next step, a customer changing terms or a key employee leaving the business.  We give advice to the business […]

How David can work successfully with Goliath

New Zealand is often described as a nation of small businesses. We’ve all seen the statistics showing that 97% of NZ businesses have less than 20 employees.  With only 3% of businesses defined as large corporations, this bottom-heavy set up means smaller players can find themselves working with much larger and more powerful clients.  This is […]