Invoice Loans Versus An Overdraft: What Is The Right Choice?

Invoice Finance

No matter how successful a small, or even medium business is, dealing with cashflow is often a challenge. Businesses may be able to control their outgoings and win big contracts, but when invoices are being paid later and later, issues arise with maintaining regular cashflow. In order to keep employee wages paid and meet payment […]

What Is Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing

What is Invoice Financing? Nobody ever said that running a business was easy. There are endless challenges awaiting intrepid business owners as they embark on sustaining and growing their business towards the future. However, one unexpected obstacle that too often appears is that of cashflow. Even when businesses are working with and invoicing large, reputable […]

Four in Ten Construction Invoices Paid Late

Senate Inquiries are recommending a number of changes when it comes to payment terms for the construction industry as cash flow difficulties are still largely prevalent due to late payment of invoices.