Flexible Invoice Finance Facility Expedites Growth for Mining Services Business

Our business provides heavy industry electrical services and technical labour managed teams to oil, gas and power operations. As a third-tier business providing services to a second tier (who owns the primary relationship), we are mostly contract based. As our business model is based on short term work and contracts, we encounter peaks and lulls […]


We are a bulk haulage business based in Gisborne, New Zealand. Primarily we transport aggregate and fill for two large infrastructure companies throughout the North Island. Additionally, we also have a few smaller corporate clients. Until recently, we were a small business operating with two trucks, however, we are now enjoying a period of growth […]

Apricity Finance Bridges Gap In Cash Flow For Mining Business

We are a mining services business, supplying labour and engineering services to the underground coal mining industry in NSW and QLD. The biggest issue we have as a business is around cash flow.  We have a large workforce of employees that are paid weekly, and our accounts are paid by our customers 30 to 60 […]