We Are Here to Help


One of our team this morning quoted Lenin to us: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”  Not a truer word can be spoken about this time.

How much our world has changed in the past few weeks.  Thankfully in Australia and New Zealand, the virus itself is not currently spreading with the veracity it is in other parts of the world.  The measures brought in by our respective State and Federal governments seemingly helping to contain the spread – albeit, at this early stage.  The coming weeks and months will no doubt see this story change many times.

At Apricity, we have just completed our third week of working from home.  We have always said that at Apricity, we are a family; and never have I felt this as strongly as I do now.  We remain fully operational with all staff retained.  We are keeping in close contact with one another through various technologies; exchanging ideas, discussing problems, sharing hilarious videos and making sure no one feels alone.  I am so proud of our team and so grateful that we have each other to lean on at this time.

This past week we asked the team to share a brief video of what they have learnt since the onset of COVID-19 (you can view the video below).

I think it’s important at this time to keep looking forward.  While we have stormy skies ahead, there will be a recovery.  The economic stimulus measures certainly present opportunities for many of our clients.  To help us all understand what the road ahead may look like (and how we can get there).  We will soon be sharing details of a regular webinar series we will be running.  We will be bringing together experts on various fields including economics, finance, human resources, government and others to discuss what businesses can do now to ensure they are around to assist in the rebuilding of our economy.

We will share further details in the coming weeks, but to register your interest in attending or being involved in the conversation, please email tom@apricityfinance.com.

As always, we are here to talk about any issues you may be experiencing within your business.  Please reach out to me or anyone of our team, any time.  We are here to help.

CEO, Australia & New Zealand