Working with You – An Update to Our Broker Community

With the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have sent the following update to our broker contacts.  We are available any time to discuss any business or finance issues you may be facing.  Please reach out if you would like to make a time for a video call:

Like most businesses watching the global COVID-19 pandemic unfold, we know that aside from the health issues we face, serious long-term economic consequences are inevitable.  We are all likely to be impacted in some way and while our duty is to put our people and our health first, we must also do what we can to support each other and keep business moving.

In the midst of the fear and uncertainty, I think there is also emerging a new level of collaboration between nations, political parties, businesses and people (embarrassing toilet paper wars aside).  Our politicians seemingly are working together to identify and implement the best ideas.  Smart businesses are already looking at how they can innovate to stay operational.  Today I saw one of our top local restaurants starting a home delivery service.  There is talk of retraining people from the most affected industries into those now most in demand.  It’s this type of thinking that we need to keep our country and economy moving.

The stimulus packages announced by the government aimed at keeping essential industries, as well as the SME sector going, are certainly a positive for business.  We also think we are likely to see an increase in local manufacturing as well as an upswing in the production of goods and services that help manage the impact of the virus.  For businesses on the front-line, advice from Brokers, as well as having the right finance, will be essential.

As Brokers, you are likely to be the first point of contact for many businesses facing uncertainty in the coming months.  You will be called upon to help your clients navigate fast-paced economic changes, offer advice to help safeguard their business – and when the time comes, assist in the recovery.

Our feeling is that we must all do what we can to collaborate and work together to provide support in changing conditions.  We are available and ready to talk about the business issues you are your clients are facing any time.    Our team is currently working from home, but we are well equipped to work in this way and continue to provide the services and support we are known for.

Let’s all do our best to support each other, stay safe and keep the wheels turning.

Linden Toll
CEO, Australia & New Zealand